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These 4 Apps will boost your productivity in Revit

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4 Apps to boost your Revit productivity

Revit is the go-to platform for designing and collaborating with construction partners in BIM projects. In this article we have selected four MEP Plugins for Revit that will help you realize your Revit projects faster:

1. New Productivity Tools App 

Design MEP systems up to 60% faster with the new Productivity Tools App for Revit. Whether you want to connect a fitting to a pipe, rotate entire systems in 3D without leaving your view, or reconnect a saddle to a pipe, you can now save considerable time in Revit. The new App features 6 useful functionalities in one ribbon that will help you design your MEP systems up to 60% faster. Here you can check out what these functionalities are and see how they can be used in your project.

2. Openings for MEP App 

Generate openings with increased accuracy on places where MEP elements clash with structural elements. You can for example quickly create holes in walls, floors or ceilings where ducts or pipes intersect. The Openings for MEP App allows you to very easily communicate with the structural engineer about these openings. Create opening requests, send them to the structural engineer for approval and update your model with the response file you get back. Check out how you can use this App to optimize your workflow.

From left to right: Stabiplan Productivity Tools, Stabiplan Electrical Schematics, Stabiplan Openings for MEP, Stabiplan Export and Import Excel

3. Export and Import Excel App

Revit’s great for modelling systems, Excel is great for updating and sharing data. By combining the best of both, you can save time a lot of time on updating information in your Revit project. The Export and Import Excel App allows you to export data from your Revit model to Excel, where you can update or add data to multiple elements at once, and import the data back into your model. This enables you to easily add manufacturer or calculation data to your model. The app has recently been updated, so now there’s even more information that can be exported from Revit. Learn more about this Revit App.

4. Renewed Electrical Schematics App 

If you’re an electrical engineer, you may have run into the fact that you cannot easily create schematics for electrical systems in Revit. The recently updated Electrical Schematics App however, allows you to do exactly this. You just need to select the available main panel(s) in your project, and the schematic will be created automatically. You can choose to generate either a system structure schematic or a block schematic. This way, you’ll have a clear overview of your electrical system. Watch the video to see how the App works.

Start saving time

The Apps listed above will provide you with smart workflows and a better and faster design experience in Revit. And the good news is: you can easily download them from the MEPcontent store and try them for free. So if you want to experience one of the Apps yourself before reaching out to your creditcard, visit store.mepcontent.com and download your free trial. Use the summer with our Apps to complete your Revit projects in no time.